Our Team
Brad Fisher
Founder, Coach and Senior Consultant
Sydney Isle
Partner, Coach and Implementation Specialist

Brad Fisher works with business owners  who  want  to  unlock the long-term potential of their companies and their families.       He       also       speaks       and        writes     about Corporate Scalability and Family Business Abundance.


Brad is the co-founder and Managing Partner of  Featherstone  Holdings.  He  has  devoted  most of his career to entrepreneurship  in  the  business-to-business,  technology,  healthcare, and investment management arenas.


In recent years, Brad co-founded or led the acquisition of Elevated  Billing  Solutions,  Recovery Help, and the Sababa Health Group. While serving as CEO of  those  three companies, Brad developed an intense passion for the Behavioral Health sector.


Prior to Featherstone, Brad served as  the  CEO  and  Chief  Investment  Officer  of  Springcreek Advisors LLC,  a  California-based  multi-family  office,  and  he  previously served as a general partner and the Chief Operating Officer for Pemigewasset Capital, a Connecticut-based family office and hedge fund.


Brad   worked   to   build   multiple   ventures   during   his   early   career,   including   Aim   21, Incorporated, a software company  that  developed  enterprise  multimedia  database  systems  for advertising  agencies  and  their   clients.   After   selling   Aim   21   to   Reuters, he founded Tailwind, Incorporated, an online resource center for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The American Towns Network acquired Tailwind.


Brad Fisher received an M.B.A. from  Stanford  University  and  a  B.S.  in  Economics from the  University  of  Minnesota.  He  has  been   a   Trustee   or   board   member   of   many  fine institutions, including Saybrook University, Perrot Memorial  Library,  ARI  of Connecticut, and the Purposeful Planning Institute.




Sydney Isle has worked in the change management field for nearly 30 years. She helps individuals, teams,  and  organizations identify where they are and where they want to be. Then she works with them to bridge the gap  between current reality and their desired future states.


Prior to Featherstone, Sydney learned the basics of change management as VP of Operations of the Full Circle Group, NA (Formerly Maxcomm, Inc.), where she directed both consulting     and technology-based product businesses. This role required her to  balance  the  practical  needs of structure and process with the interpersonal needs of the firm's human capital.


Along the way, Sydney developed special expertise regarding the  tools  and  principals  required to implement sustainable growth. This enables  her  to  help  Featherstone  clients assess current levels of employee engagement and organizational clarity. She then works with those clients to design and implement initiatives that set the foundation for scaling.


Sydney has worked hands-on with organizations  ranging  from  small  start-ups  to  Fortune  500 corporations. She has driven projects and interventions that include individual coaching, team building  and  development  sessions,  C-level  team  meeting  facilitation,  and  large group conferences designed to implement enterprise-wide change initiatives.


After her  experience  with  the  Full  Circle  Group,  Sydney  became  a  licensed  mental  health counselor. She still maintains a boutique private practice, and she is an instrumental participant in two of Featherstone's portfolio companies, Recovery Help and The  Sababa  Health Group, both of which provide tele-therapy services.


Sydney holds undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from Stevens- Henager Business College and Westminster College, and a Masters of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix.  She  lives  in  the  foothills  of  the  Wasatch mountains with her twin children, Aspen and Everest, and her dog, Geddy.



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