As a business leader, you are in a tough position. We understand what you’re going through, because we’ve been there.

We learned entrepreneurship the hard way, and we have the scar tissue to prove it.

We were fortunate.


After pushing so hard for so long, we learned to see through the complexity. We found the underlying simplicity and scalability that unlock natural growth and profitability. Then we developed a process that could help other leaders benefit in the same way.


Growing a business can be stressful. You are living proof, and so are we. So much uncertainty and risk. It’s easy to get stuck. And even on a good day, it can be lonely out there all by yourself.


We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, families, and leadership teams. We cleared the air for them. We introduced structures and tools that helped them build in scalability, and then we watched them grow.

Brad Fisher and Stephen Hohenrieder co-founded Featherstone Holdings in 2011. The original purpose of the firm was to help family offices deploy capital into operating companies. Shortly thereafter, Edward Baker joined the firm, and we increased the scope of our advisory activities to include real estate assets.

We eventually decided to extend Featherstone’s focus from advisory work to hands-on operations. In 2014, Clyde Fossum came on board and we launched our acquisition efforts.

In 2015, Featherstone assembled a consortium of investors to acquire Elevated Billing Solutions, a Behavioral Health Revenue Cycle Management company based in the Salt Lake City area.

In 2017, we acquired a majority interest in Recovery Help, LLC, a video-based telehealth platform that provides addiction therapy, recovery coaching, and family systems counseling. That's when Sydney Isle and Joe Van Winkle joined us.


Shortly thereafter, we launched The Sababa Health Group with our great partners, Scott Primack, Deborah Biggs, Glenn Primack, Dan McCormick, and the rest of the COMT crew.

We love our work, and we are immensely grateful to our clients, our partners, our mentors, and our families.


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