Simplicity and Scalability

These two words will transform your Leadership and your Business.

You can leverage them to unlock Natural Growth and Profit.

Featherstone will help you make it happen, through:
   - Leadership Coaching
   - Scalability Consulting

   - Workshops and Events

You will...

   - Accelerate your Progress

   - Reduce your Stress

What is at stake for you?

Eventually, every business gets complicated.

Growth slows. Profitability suffers.

You get stuck. It happens to all of us...

And here's what it can cost you:

- Confusion and Frustration

- Wasted Time and Money

- Damaged Relationships

- Unrealized Potential

- Peace of Mind Out the Window

You can reduce the Pain.

We can show you How.

If your company is properly tuned, it will grow.

Featherstone programs help you Simplify,

This enables you to:

-  Clarify your priorities

-  Strengthen your leadership

-  Empower your team

-  Fine-tune your economics

-  Attract more customers

-  Streamline your operations

then build Scalability into your business.

It becomes a natural process.

Bottom Line... You will have:

- More money… Potentially Millions of Dollars

- Less risk and stress… More Time to Enjoy Your Success

We can help you Unlock Natural Growth.

We get it, and we will help you make it better.

Even on a good day, it can be lonely out there.

We have answers and a process that works.

Building a business is hard, and it's easy to get stuck.

We are seasoned entrepreneurs. We will be your guide.

You can transform your business.

We've been in your shoes.

We understand your situation.

Our programs will help you:

   - See More Clearly

   - Accelerate Your Progress

The path is straight-forward.

Phase Two: 


Phase One: 


Phase Three: 


Phase Three: 


The Scalability RoadMap will clarify your objectives, highlight your advantages, and identify the Progress Inhibitors that are holding you back.

The Action Plan will leverage what’s truly important, and the Tracking Tool will keep you on course.

Implementation comes next. We will roll up our sleeves and make it happen together.

It's all about the Six Scalabilities.

#1 Leadership

     & Culture

#2 Market Focus

        & Fit

#3 Busines

     Model &


#6 Systems &



#4 Team


     & Capacity

#5 Infrastructure

These leverage points will enable you to unlock natural growth and sustain healthy profits:

  1. Leadership & Culture

  2. Market Focus & Fit

  3. Business Model & Finance

  4. Team Alignment & Capacity

  5. Infrastructure

  6. Systems & Work Processes

Your business will become easier to manage. You will begin making more money. You will accelerate your growth. You will feel less stress, and your team will become more effective.

How do you know if you have a Scalability Problem?

-  Do you frequently feel stuck?

-  Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of your business?

-  Do you wish you had a stronger sense of direction?

-  Is your leadership causing problems instead of fixing them?

-  Does your business model seem too loose?

-  Are your people fully aligned with your mission?

-  Does your infrastructure have the capacity to support your business?

-  Do you feel excessive stress or burnout?

-  Are you wasting your time, money, or potential?

-  Do you ever wonder if opportunity is passing you by?

Our process is effective.

"The Featherstone Scalability process made a real difference at our company. Our infrastructure is now fully scalable, and our Leadership Team has reached a whole new level of alignment and capacity. We are growing at a quick pace, and thankfully, that growth is easier to manage."

Vince Bussio

Founder and CEO

Armorock Polymer Concrete

"For the past 2 years, I have had the privilege of working with Brad in our 5-year-old family business.  I have seen his commitment, knowledge and experience in action as we have benefited from the principles he outlines in his book.  Understanding these principles will help anyone strengthen their family and business far into the future."

Mike Dobson - Co-Founder and Board Member

James Mason Centers for Recovery

"Brad assisted our family in breaking down many false beliefs and misunderstandings that were impacting the ability of our business to operate effectively. During his time with us, Brad was able to completely transform our organization and management into a company with a strong leadership team who were empowered decision makers and had a passion for the work they were involved in. Thank you Brad for all you have done for us."

Paul Dobson - Co-Founder and Board Member

James Mason Centers for Recovery

We have worked with wonderful organizations.

This list includes consulting clients, customers of our portfolio companies, and our venture capital investors. Some of them employ our coaching clients, and a few have invited us to serve on their boards. We feel fortunate and grateful.

A side note to business owners…

Your team will do most of the work. That means you will accelerate your progress while making daily life better for you at the same time.


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