Featherstone Holdings

Featherstone Holdings is a firm with a singular focus. We are working to acquire or work with high-quality businesses in the Behavioral Health sector, including addiction centers, mental health facilities, related technology companies, and other service businesses.

We have a three-part agenda. First and foremost, we are pursuing our Mission:

To Help Transform Lives by Healing Addiction and other Mental Health Disorders.

Second, we are building a vibrant, safe, and supportive team culture that aligns with our Mission. And finally, we intend to foster healthy and sustainable companies that provide appropriate returns to their stakeholders.

We are not investors trying to construct and flip a portfolio. We are seasoned operators looking to build a targeted organization, and our outlook is long term. This gives us broad latitude, which in turn provides meaningful advantages to business owners and their teams.

In addition to our investment and operating activities, we provide advisory services through our affiliation with Derigo, LLC. If you would like to learn more about Derigo, please visit www.derigollc.com.

We would appreciate introductions to Behavioral Health professionals who are thinking about taking their companies to the next level.